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Our Engagement

Elisa's parents had Avi's family in to celebrate Avi's 26th birthday. After eating birthday cake Avi opened his presents. Avi's mom handed him a wrapped box. Avi unwrapped that box and inside was another wrapped box. This pattern continued as Avi unwrapped several more boxes. He started getting annoyed and passed one to Elisa to open. Elisa unwrapped it, handed the box back to him, and said, "It's your birthday present, you unwrap it." He tried to get Elisa to open the next box, but she was not paying attention. Avi unwrapped the box and handed it to her and said "It's for you." Elisa opened it up and inside was a jewelry box with a beautiful ring. Avi got down on one knee and asked Elisa to marry him. Of course she said yes.

Elisa's mom, Harriet, had a recipe that Avi really wanted. Harriet said Avi couldn't get the other half of the recipe until Avi was part of the family. This picture is of Avi getting the other half of the recipe.